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  • Part Series:SP/XXX(-S);SPXXX/2P(-S);SPXXX/PN(-S);SPXXX/3P(-S);SPXXX/4P(-S);SPXXX/3PN(-S)
    Application:Power supplies, Telecom, Railway system,PV system, UPS system etc.
    Product Description:SP series SPD is UL1449-4th edition approved SPD. Din-rail designed arc-extinguish SMTMOV ,with window fault indication and optional remote alarm contact. Optional equivalents: OBO V20-C; Phoenix VAL-CP; Dehn DGS(FM);Iskra C(R).
    Part Series: B25G260/3PN100
    Application:Type1 & 2/Class I & II with TSG technology surge arrester designed for low-voltage power supply system protection against surges and even direct lightning strikes at the boundaries from lightning protection zone LPZ0A-2.
    Product Description:The Class B, TYPE 1 AC series of over-voltage surge protective devices has been developed to protect against direct and indirect lightning discharges per IEC 62305. With high performance by using TSG technology.
    Part Series:SPV series
    Application:for PV/solar energy surge protection
    Product Description:Prosurge type 1 UL1449 listed PV SPD with high SCCR
    Part Series:B25VG760(S) SPD for wind power
    Application:Advanced, easy-to-use surge and lightning protection products for wind power systems
    Product Description:Din rail, combined Type1 & 2/Class I & II with MOV and TSG technology surge arrester for use in low voltage power supply system at the boundaries from lightning protection zone LPZ0A-2.
  • Type 3 Surge Arrester for LED Lighting Application
    Part Series:WS series SPD for LED lighting applications
    Application:Type III SPD use in Tunnel, Roadway lighting, Outdoor LED lightning, LED Street Lighting, Traffic lighting, Flood lighting, Digital signage, Parking lot lighting, Wash wall lighting etc.
    Product Description:Prosurge’s compact and thermally protected SPD is especially for LED light fixtures for transient overvoltage protection. It is built with Prosurge’s patented thermally protected MOV, provides fast and reliable surge protection.
    MOV technology - Type 1+2, 12.5kA (10/350) pluggable surge protective device
    Part Series:BPS12.5V series (Type 1+2 pluggable type lightning arrester)
    Application:The main use of BPS12.5V arrester is in industrial and administration buildings, schools, supermarkets and cathedrals.
    Product Description:BPS12.5V is lightning and surge arrester type 1+2 according to EN 61643-11. These are recommended for use in the Lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 0 – 1. Pluggable type with compact size of 18mm per pole.
    5Vdc, 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc din rail SPD; 1 pair/2 pairs, 6mm
    Part Series:DM series Signal surge protection device
    Application:Surge arrester for data and signal protection, can be used for tracker, controller etc. signal and data transmission surge protection. Suitable to use for RS232 or RS485 protection.
    Product Description:Terminal block SPD for data and signal surge protection, 2/4 wires line protection (small size 6.2mm/7mm width). limp(10/350) per line 0.5kA/2kA. Total In 10kA/20kA. IEC 61643-21 standard. Suitable to use for RS232 or RS485 protection.
    Modular Thermally Protected MOV/TMOV (SMTMOV)
    Application:Surge protective device and systems, AC/DC distribution systems,High voltage power supplies,Telecommunications equipment, Motor control systems,Computer related products,PLC applications,Power transfer switches
    Product Description:Prosurge's SMTMOV is a patented Thermally Protected MOV which is widely adopted as a key component for various SPD products, expecially SPD panel, Nominal discharge current(8/20) In 20KA, SCCR 200KA SMTMOV, quick thermal response, perfect circuit cutoff function, high surge current capability, low leakage current.
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