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  • Prosurge Company Profile

    Prosurge Electronics is an ISO9001 and EHS system certified provider of surge protective device. Our mission is to provide the best lightning and surge protection products as well as solutions to world wide clients.

    We have a 6,000 square meters plant and a R&D team of 20 engineers including experts in the field with more than 30 years of experience.

    Prosurge is actively expanding our sales network around the world. Protected by our global patents, our products have been exported to more than 60 countries.

  • Prosurge SPD test for LED bulb protection

    Is surge protection necessary? This video shows you the comparison on with and without  surge arrester in the power system, see what will happen to the LED light buld. 
  • Prosurge's Global Certificates and Patents

    This is Prosurge's Honor Wall. This video introduces Prosurge's global certificates and patents, our products meet KEMA,UL,ETL,CE, and RoHS certificates, and we have global patent for arc-extinguishing technology.

  • Intermediate Current Test of Prosurge's SMTMOV

    This video introduces the intermediate current test of Prosurge’s SMTMOV according to UL1449 3rd edition, the MCOV 150V SMTMOV pass the test when it is applied to about 240VAC abnormal voltage.
  • Accelerate Aging Test to Prosurge's SPD

    This video is about SPD's Accelerate Aging Test. We applied aging test by 1000 hours to   Prosurge SPDs, which gives support to prove our 10 years warranty.
  • Surge Generator for Operating Duty Test according to IEC61643-11 and UL1449-3rd

    We have the ability to test SPDs’ important parameters like Imax, In, Iimp, Up etc. This multi surge generator combine with 8/20 impulse Current Generator,Combination Wave Generator  and 1.2/50 Voltage Impulse Generator.

    It can generate up to 120kA impulse current and meet the test requirements of UL,   IEC standard.

    Up test (IEC61643 7.5 ), 

    Operating duty test (IEC61643 7.6 , 7.7.1 )

    Total discharge current (IEC61643 7.9.10 ) 

    Surge Test(UL1449, 37 )
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