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Prosurge\'s SPD applied for Railway Station in Indonesia

Release Time: 2016.06.24

Prosurge's SPD applied for Railway Station in Indonesia

Prosurge Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of surge protectors with brand of " Hit " and " Prosurge".  Brand " Hit" is very popular in Asian market in surge protection field. 

Prosurge Electronics has a series class I + II + III SPD, with Imax 80kA~120kA, Iimp 12.5kA~25kA 10/350; The features of this series protectors are: VTD technology-the best technology for power protection;  Very low clamping level and high surge current capability (High Iimp, low Up); High TOV withstand, increased reliability for areas with unstable power network; No follow current + No leakage current + Intelligent distinguish Power frequency current and surge current to guarantee long service life;

They are most suitable surge protectors for railway station application. Followed are Prosurge's surge arrester applied for railway station, which combines with surge counter-LEC-A produced by Prosurge Electronics Co.,Ltd too.